Welcome to Black Rifle League, one of the fastest growing shooting sports!

Black Rifle League was founded over five years ago at the Renton Fish and Game Club in Renton, Washington. 

Black Rifle League focuses on tactics versus speed unlike other shooting sport disciplines such as ASI, IDPA and USPSA. At Black Rifle League events, participants move through courses of various levels of difficulty engaging IDPA targets. 

Throughout the season participants compete in four different divisions: Optics, Iron Sights, PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) and .22 (AR 22 caliber conversion)

Join us in sharpening your CQB rifle skills by utilizing sound tactics and technique to run through a course while engaging targets with your rifle and pistol. Course layouts vary each month and contain hostiles and no-shoots.


Put your skill and training to the test by shooting on the move, utilizing cover, and engaging hostiles in a 180 degree arc of fire. Find out if your gear holds up and performs to your liking in the elements. Rather than focusing on speed and score, we emphasize good decisions and techniques that maximize your survivability in a self defense scenario.


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